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seattle, wa
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Hi! I'm Kyle (he / him) 😄

I’m currently a Junior studying Computer Science at the University of Washington in Seattle and I’ll be joining Google as a STEP intern this summer!

check out my resume for the most up to date info

Here are some of my projects

  • Senior Assassin Manager

    Full Stack React Web App built to manage my high school's senior assassin game

    Technologies Used: React, Node, Express, NeDB, Google OAuth

    check it out on github
  • Bibliosearch

    Finding library books using OpenCV

    Technologies Used: OpenCV, PyTesseract, Flask

    check it out on github
  • Daltonization API

    API for converting images to modified colorblind differentiable colors using the Daltonization algorithm

    Technologies Used: Flask, Pillow Imaging Library

    check it out on github